Flatbed cutting plotter STK2516N

  • Welded thickness frame, more stable, more than ten years without deformation;

  • Ruida 6584G control system, easy to use;

  • Working size customized;

  • Servo motor and driver ensure the cutting precision;

  • Gear transmission + HIWIN square guide;

  • According to your cutting requirements to choose suitable head and knife

  • Without pollution;

Working size2500*1600mm
SingleHigh speed oscillation knife tool +Red dot
Operation PropertiesWork with computer synchronously for quick data transmission,multi-page file in one time
Cutting Speed300-1000mm/s(Depend on different materials)
Cutting Thickness≤40mm
Cutting materials

All kinds of adhesive, PP synthetic paper, corrugated cardboard,

 yellow thick cardboard, red cardboard, PVC board, honeycomb board, PVC foam board, acrylic, 

KT board, aluminum composite panels, fiber in the floor and rubber plates, thick foam etc


Pen, Pneumatic Oscillating tool, high-speed water-cooled milling tool,

 CCD automatic positioning system

Fixing MethodVacuum system
Repeat Precision≤0.05mm
Software Resolution0.01mm
InterfaceEthernet port
Format CompatibleAI, Auto CAD, core draw etc
Driving SystemImported servo motor, high precision linear guide, precision ball screw
VoltageAC220V/380V±10% 50HZ
Pump Power9.0KW
Total Fixed Power11KW
Working EnvironmentTmep: 0℃-35℃ Humidity: 35%-80%

What is a flatbed cutter?

Flatbed cutters use a large, flat work surface and an XY cutting head for cutting, crease, embossing, scrap stripping, and blank separation, such as paper, vinyl, cardboard, textile, glass, and other materials.

The benefits of a flatbed cutter:

Flatbed cutting tables for sample making or packaging, display, signage or textile production offer a wide range of unique advantages.

Ideal for short-run production

Very short setup time, you don't have to wait for molds

Extraordinary throughput and speed

Extensive multi-tool allows you to expand your product

Flatbed cutting plotters represent the latest in advanced flatbed technology. Designed with precision and accuracy in mind, it makes clean and accurate cuts in a wide variety of materials. While primarily designed as a very fast cutter for projects like box prototyping, custom packaging, and more, the repeatability of precisely following the same line multiple times allows the flatbed cutter to punch out far higher than Stamping for its weight class.

Perforated cutting, kiss cutting, die cutting, creasing - everything you need to create production quality products. Included tools are cutting blades/pen/indentation/etching tools. Dual head operation allows for a variety of options.

Flatbed Cutting Plotter

Flatbed cutting plotters can quickly engrave consistent and clear patterns. These products have robotic arms attached to cyan, magenta, black, and yellow pens. Unlike widely available printers, they can handle sizes other than A-4 print material. Additionally, print media can range from apparel to PVC or rubber. Flatbed cutting plotters are designed to accommodate multipurpose knives for cutting and pens for writing and drawing. They have a digital timer and temperature controller for accuracy. All moving parts of the machine are adjustable for long-term use and convenience. Flatbed cutting plotter is compatible with CAD, Corel Draw software and international standard interfaces.

Other advantages of Flatbed Cutting Plotter are fast production speed with the same efficiency. They are ideal for accelerating mass production. You don't need to reload designs in a tablet cutting plotter. The desired pattern can be saved on a compatible memory disk. You can find the right flatbed plotter with the pressure, precision and feed size you need. They also offer versatile heads for stamping rolls, knives and markers. The drive system includes stepper motors, timing belts or linear guides.


All kinds of adhesive, PP synthetic paper, corrugated cardboard, yellow thick cardboard, red cardboard, PVC board, honeycomb board, PVC foam board, acrylic, KT board, aluminum composite panels, fiber in the floor and rubber plates, thick foam etc.

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Flatbed cutter machine STK2516N, adopts Ruida 6584G control system,greatly reduce product rate and repair rate,mainly used in printing industry,advertising industry,sign industry, etc.

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