Transmission of CO2 laser machines--Belt & Rack and Pinion &Ball screw transmission

At present, there are 3 options for the transmission mode of the CO2 laser machine.

They are belt drive, rack and pinion drive and lead screw drive.

Belt drive is the most traditional, longest-used and most widely used transmission method. It is fast, cheap, suitable for engraving and cutting, and can excellently fulfill the needs of users for engraving and cutting.


Belt transmission.jpg

Rack and pinion, which has good stability and small error changes, and rack drive is suitable for customers with large-format cutting needs.

Compared with the cutting effect of belt drive, the machine with rack drive has more advantages in acrylic cutting. Its cutting surface is smoother and there is no chatter.


Rack gear.jpg

Ball screw transmission, good stability and high precision. Customers who have higher requirements on material cutting accuracy can choose screw drive.

Belt drive is suitable for engraving and cutting work.

ball screw.jpg

Rack drive and lead screw drive are only suitable for cutting work, not for engraving.

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Updated date: 2023/03/29
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