How to get Black Marking on stainless steel?

According to the wavelength of the laser, the wavelength of the Mopa fiber laser machine and the ordinary fiber laser marking machine is 1064nm. How can we distinguish which one is the Mopa fiber laser machine and which one is the ordinary fiber optic machine?


1. Distinguish from the blackening of alumina and aluminum alloy:

MOPA fiber laser marking machine can blacken the surface of aluminum (aluminum oxide, aluminum alloy, etc.) in a shallow layer, which is fine and beautiful, and the effect is no less than that of silk screen printing. Ordinary fiber optic machines cannot produce smooth and pure black effects.


2. Distinguish from the marking fineness:

The MOPA fiber laser machine is suitable for the fine marking process of metal and non-metal materials. Pay attention to the word "fine marking". The fiber optic machine is also suitable for marking metal and non-metallic hard plastics, but it does not mean that it is fine. The effect produced by ordinary fiber optic machines will be rough and not so fine.


3. Distinguish from the pulse width and pulse frequency of laser equipment:

The pulse width of MOPA fiber laser marking machine is adjustable and the frequency range is large. The pulse width of ordinary fiber optic machine is fixed.


4. Distinguish from deep carving on metal:

The Mopa fiber machine may not have an advantage in this regard, it cannot play too deep, or even deep;

Ordinary fiber optic machines can mark depth on metal materials, but there are requirements for laser power. To achieve the ideal depth, at least a fiber optic machine of 30W or above is required. The more repeated markings on the same place, the deeper the marking will be.

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Updated date: 2023/07/31
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