How to choose the power of fiber laser cutting machine?

When choosing a fiber laser cutting machine, how to choose the power of the machine? We analyze it for you from the following two points.

First, cutting thickness: For example, some salesmen say that 3000w can cut 22mm, but you have to understand that cutting and mass production are two concepts. Why can the 22mm steel plate be cut into a frosted surface during proofing, but not processed in batches? Because in the process of continuous cutting at full power, the cutting head will easily heat up and be unstable, there will be thermal deformation effects, and the processing performance will decrease due to insufficient energy concentration, so it is difficult to achieve fundamental continuous cutting when cutting 22mm. Then when we choose the power, we will leave some redundancy for the equipment considering the power of mass production. For example, if we cut 20mm, we will give 20%-25% redundancy;

metal cut.jpg

The second is the choice of power. Everyone must remember not to be greedy for big ones. The laser update speed is fast. Buy a high-power one now, but you wont be able to use it temporarily. It is lower and more efficient, and the purchase price of other people's products may be cheaper, so don't be greedy for high power. The higher the power, the higher the inevitability of the premium. The price will come down immediately, just like computers. In the 1990s, the configuration of computer equipment was low and the price was very expensive. However, if you look at the current computers, the configuration is high, but the price is getting more and more moderate, so we It is recommended to choose the power suitable for the current cutting requirements.

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Updated date: 2023/04/10
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