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How Much Do You Know About Plate Plotters?
Flatbed plotter cuttings are called "flatbed" because, in contrast to roller plotters, they use a beam to move the tool over the material, rather than allowing the material to move under the beam, and place the same material on a flat surface.



Flatbed  cutter machines use a flat fixed base and a movable head. The cutting dies are usually made of sharp metal strips called steel rulers that are bent to match the contours of the parts to be produced.  The bent steel ruler is then embedded in a matching slot in the plywood cutting plate. The die can be mounted to a base or head.  As the machine cycles, hydraulic pressure is generated in a hydraulic cylinder that presses the head with the cutting die through the material.  Depending on the complexity, the base can be a plastic cutting plate, typically used to produce cut parts, or it can be steel in a precision flatbed die cutter.  Precision flatbed presses can be cut or kiss-cut by cutting, similar to rotary cutters. Although slower than rotary die cutting, Flatbed plotter cuters can open wide enough to handle material that is too thick to cut with the rotary process.  The use of steel ruler dies makes flatbed die-cutting ideal for short-term orders where the cost of rotary dies is prohibitive. Finally, if the material is sheet only, flatbed  cutting may be the only solution.

The main feature of these machines is that they allow the operator to cut multiple substrates without using a traditional die cutter. Thus, these machines process the raw material by giving it a defined shape. There can be precise shapes for different types of applications: they are suitable for cutting various types of sheets such as corrugated, cardboard, honeycomb, plastic including KT board, PVC expanded board, solid PVC board, acrylic, etc.


Welded thickness frame, more stable, more than ten years without deformation.

Ruida 6584G control system, easy to use.

Working size customized.

Servo motor and driver ensure the cutting precision.

Gear transmission + HIWIN square guide.

According to your cutting requirements to choose suitable head and knife.

Without pollution.

Rapid prototyping, which is essential to help you get projects approved by your customers, as you will be able to quickly see what the finished project will look like and can show the final version to your customers immediately.

Eliminate start-up cost issues. With a flatbed plotter, you will be able to produce the quantities and minimum production runs required by your customers without limitations. You will no longer be forced to produce large quantities to reduce start-up costs.

Timely and better response to customer deadlines With a flatbed plotter, you will be able to better respond to the times required by your customers. With this type of machine, you make it possible for yourself to make pre-deliveries in a much shorter time, without having to manufacture entire batches in one production process.

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Updated date: 2022/10/28
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